Introducing: Live coder Sam Aaron

In the first of our spotlights on Binary Keynotes, we are proud to introduce performance artist and Cambridge University computer scientist Sam Aaron...

The art of live coding – programming, or writing code, in real time in front of a live audience – is gaining in popularity across the globe; partly in thanks to Dr Sam Aaron. The researcher, software architect and self-confessed computational thinker has "a deep fascination surrounding the notion of communicative programming"; seeing live coding as an adaptable and creative way of breaking down language barriers, and as a – cool – tool to reach out to the next generation of computer scientists.

By day, Aaron is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he researches the "liveness of programming languages" (a position funded by the Raspberry Pi Foundation). By night, Aaron is an engaging public speaker, introducing live coding to thousands of people at international conferences, including Strangeloop (St. Louis, US), JAOO (Århus, Denmark), OSCON (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), TEDx (Newcastle & Manchester, UK), and Loop (Berlin, Germany). This summer, he is eagerly anticipated at Liverpool’s FACTas one of Binary Festival’s Keynotes.

Bringing his unique brand of expertise to Binary Festival 2016, conference attendees can expect to experience a full-on live performance, in addition to learning more about the importance of code through Aaron's app, Sonic Pi, as an example of live coding's powerful, creative potential.

Laura Robertson is Editor at The Double Negative, and a freelance arts writer, based in Liverpool

Twitter: @doublenegativeL

Read more about Dr Sam Aaron here and on Twitter: @samaaron

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